VCA Basic in English.

Van Keulen Brandbeveiliging V.O.F. provides both the VCA Basic and VCA VOL training.

VCA VOL is mandatory for managers and freelancers.

For all others the VCA Basic training is sufficient.

The training lasts from 8:30 to 18:00 hours.

Aspects of the VCA training

  • Legislation
    Hazards, risks and prevention
    Accidents: causes and prevention
    Safety behaviour
    Tasks, rights, duties and consultation
    Procedures, instructions and signs
    Emergency preparedness
    Hazardous substances
    Fires and explosions
    Work equipment
    Specific activities
    Electricity and radiation
    Ergonomic workplace
    Personal protective equipment


VCA exams training

After a good preparation with the VCA course, you can get the VCA. You will receive the recognized VCA certificate and only after you have passed the VCA exam. With the VCA certificate you show that you are an expert to perform work safely.

The exam is taken by an external examiner.

We can also provide this course completely in Polish.

This is the registration form for the course in Polish.

!! Note !! We need a minimum of 10 students for the course to go through!