Van Keulen Brandbeveiliging V.O.F. provides reachtruck courses.

Reachtrucks are indispensable in today’s logistics world. Because the mast can be retracted, the reachtruck is very compact and manoeuvrable and therefore very suitable for small spaces. Reachtrucks are therefore often used in a warehouse with many racks and narrow aisles. Another striking detail is that the driver sits transversely on the truck.

Reachtrucks have many characteristics in common with forklifts, especially when it comes to safety aspects. But there are also clear differences between the two vehicles. These differences justify a ‘separate’ certification scheme for working safely with a reachtruck.
The following subjects are dealt with extensively:

General knowledge of material and equipment.
Inspection and maintenance.
Control and (technical) operation.
Loading, stability and load
Legislation and regulations.

The certificate is valid for 3 years.

We provide the Reachtruck courses in English and Polish.

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