Working and driving a forklift safely is very important.

If you have had a forklift certificate before, you can participate in our practical training and renew your forklift certificate for another 5 years. Of course you can also participate in this practical training if you are a ‘beginner’, you will also be taught during the practical training. Visualization during forklift training.

Sometimes it’s necessary for a student to gain more experience and they will receive a ‘Beginner driver certificate’, which is also indicated on the pass. After successful completion, the student receives a Van Keulen Instructie en Brandbeveiliging V.O.F. personal certificate in the form of a pass.

You can register for this training by clicking on one of the links below for the relevant registration form.

The costs for this training can be found at ‘Costs courses in other languages‘.

You can also register if you want to do this course in Polish.

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